Umpqua Valley Cal Ripken


Q. What Division can my son/daugher sign up for?

A. (Baseball age as of April 30th, 2018)T-ball age (4-6) Machine Pitch (7-8) Baseball Minor (8-9) Softball Minor (9-10) Baseball Minor AAA (9-10) Baseball Major (11-12)

Softball Major (11-12) Senior softball (13-16) Babe Ruth Baseball (13-15) (softball age as of December 31st, 2018)

Q. When does a division start drafting? What is drafting? Will my kid not make a team if not drafted?

A. Minors AAA, Majors, and Babe Ruth are drafting divisions, this means the teams are no longer decided by school. The player comes to an assessment, with all the other kiddos, and a couple of days later there is a draft (coaches only,) then you are notified shortly. There are no cuts in the drafting division. Also outlier schools, Sutherlin, Winston, Glide, do not participate in draft due to kiddos all on those teams reside in that area.

Q. What is "Baseball Softball Age"?

A. That is the age Cal ripken uses to divide divisions so "baseball age" is how old the player is as of May 1st of the current year. Softball age is how old the player is as of December 31 of the current year.

Q. Can my player play up or down a divsion because of their current ablity?

A. Yes. But with our current program they need to be signed up for the division they are age eligible for and than you need to make a note in the comments or email the player agent of the appropriate division.

Q. What does the League provide for my player?

A. The league provides full uniform with baseball pants, uniform top and hat. It is recommeded that players have there own helmet. Due to the new bat requirements, the league may not provide a bat to each team.

Q. What is the cost for my player?

A. T-ball, Machine Pitch and Minors $120.00 Drafting Divisions of Minors AAA, Majors, Babe Ruth and ALL softball divisions are $130.00

Q. How long is my players season?

A. All divsions should expect to start pracitce second week of March. 1st games will be 1st week of April and Regular season will end June 4th.

Q. Is Umpqua Valley Cal Ripen going to the new bat requirements issued by Babe Ruth?

A. Yes, please follow link which provides a Memo from Babe Ruth and also requirements for each division. Babe Ruth Bat Rules

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